'Treasure' hunting finds

Here are just some of the items I find at various flea markets, yard sales, or thrift stores. Some may be for sale, others I plan on keeping for a while.
  1. Tobacco Felt Greece large
  2. Tobacco Felt Great Britian
  3. Tobacco Felt Flags
  4. 1972 GOP Convention Pin back
  5. 1972 GOP Convention Pin front
  6. Bjorn Borg tennis Raquet
  7. George Brett Wilson Youth Model glove
  8. scan0001
  9. Another thrift store find. Atlantic City Seagulls basketball with 9 signatures. I assume a team signed ball, but have not yet checked. With a tag of...
  10. Thrift store find. Rather worn and uninflated, I took a chance for $2.00. Pumped it up and it holds air. 
Not much value for these, even in new...
  11. Jack Kramer--$2.00 at a yard sale 
Pancho Gonzales--.50 at a yard sale 
Going to hang on to both for now.
  12. Canadian Olympic Association Ceramarte Stein 
$1 at yard sale. 
Sold on ebay for $7.25
  13. 1971 Paul Lux Hockey Decanter (Orange). Paid $1 at yard sale. Sold for $219 on ebay.
  14. 1994 Louisville Stoneware Kentucky Derby Plate 
$2 thrift store find. Sold on ebay for $17.95.
  15. 1993 Wilton Armetale Kentucky Derby Plate 
$5 thrift store find. 
Sold on ebay $24.25
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