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02-20-2011, 07:36 PM
Here's what I have. There are some stuff to note in my "key".

* - obtained IP
^ - card damaged/auto not perfect (Ask for scan)

Axford, John 2010 Topps U&H (Brewers)^
Avery, Xavier 2008 Bowman Draft RC (Orioles)^*
Bell, Heath 2010 Topps (Padres)^
Bell, Heath 2010 Topps U&H (Padres)^
Belliard, Ronnie 2008 Topps (Nationals)
Betancourt, Rafael 2006 Topps (Indians)*
Billingsley, Chad 2008 UD First Edition (Dodgers)^
Bonderman, Jeremy 2003 Donruss Classic RC/1000 MLB CERTIFIED (Tigers)
Boone, Bob 1990 Topps (Royals)
Brookens, Tom 1989 Donruss (Tigers)*
Burt, Jim 2005 Bowman RC (Mets)^*
Cabrera, Miguel 2004 UD Power Up (Marlins)*
Capps, Matt 2009 Upper Deck (Pirates)^
Castillo, Frank 1993 Topps (Cubs)
Castillo, Frank 1997 Collector's Choice (Cubs)
Cavazos-Galvez, Brian 2010 Topps Pro Debut RC (Raptors)*
Cavazos-Galvez, Brian 2010 Topps Pro Debut RC (Raptors)*
Coke, Phil 2010 Topps (Tigers)^*
Cormier, Rheal 2007 Upper Deck (Reds)
Crim, Chuck 1989 Donruss (Brewers)*
Crim, Chuck 1990 Topps (Brewers)*
Crim, Chuck 1990 Donruss (Brewers)*
Crim, Chuck 1990 Donruss (Brewers)*
Crim, Chuck 1990 Score (Brewers)*
Crim, Chuck 1991 Donruss (Brewers)*
Crim, Chuck 1991 Fleer (Brewers)*
Crim, Chuck 1992 Fleer (Brewers)*
Darwin, Danny 1987 Donruss (Astros)
Farnsworth, Kyle 2008 Topps U&H (Tigers)*
Figgins, Chone 2007 Upper Deck (Angels)^
Francis, Jeff 2010 Topps (Rockies)*
Gee, Dillon 2011 Topps RC (Mets)
Gonzalez, Luis 1999 Ultra (Tigers)
Greene, Todd 2000 Pacific (Angels)
Hanson, Erik 1990 Fleer (Mariners)
Hanson, Erik 1991 Donruss (Mariners)^
Heath, Mike 1989 Fleer (Tigers)
Heath, Mike 1990 Topps (Tigers)^
Hentgen, Pat 1999 Bowman (Blue Jays)
Hermanson, Dustin 1998 Upper Deck (Expos)
Hernandez, Roberto 1994 Donruss (White Sox)
Hicks, Graham 2008 Donruss EEE RC (Nationals)^*
Higuera, Ted 1987 Fleer LL (Brewers)
Hillenbrand, Shea 2007 Upper Deck (Angels card/Giants pic)
Hillenbrand, Shea 2007 Topps (Angels)
Hillenbrand, Shea 2007 Topps (Angels)^
Iannetta, Chris 2007 Topps (Rockies)
Iannetta, Chris 2009 Topps (Rockies)
Inge, Brandon 2007 Upper Deck (Tigers)*
Jenkins, Geoff 2008 Upper Deck (Brewers)^
Jones, Jeff 1983 Topps (Athletics)*
Jordan, Ricky 1990 Upper Deck (Phillies)
Jordan, Ricky 1993 Donruss (Phillies)
Komminsk, Brad 1986 Topps (Braves)^*
Kotchman, Casey 2008 Upper Deck (Angels)
Lancaster, Les 1989 Donruss (Cubs)
Lee, Travis 2001 Fleer Platinum (Phillies)
Lee, Travis 2006 Topps (Devil Rays)^
Lieberthal, Mike 2000 Pacific Omega (Phillies)
Lieberthal, Mike 2003 Fleer Focus JE (Phillies)
Mahoney, Joseph 2008 Bowman Prospects RC (Orioles)^*
Maroth, Mike 2003 Ultra (Tigers)*
Mayne, Brent 1994 Score (Royals)
McKeon, Jack 2006 Topps (Marlins)^
Mieske, Matt 1993 Stadium Club RC (Brewers)
Mieske, Matt 1994 Score Select RC (Brewers)
Miller, Damian 2006 Topps (Brewers)^
Miller, Damian 2007 Topps (Brewers)
Moehler, Brian 2001 Pacific (Tigers)
Moehler, Brian 2002 UD 40 Man (Tigers)
Montgomery, Jeff 1990 Topps (Royals)
Montgomery, Jeff 1998 Paramount (Royals)
Morgan, Nyjer 2008 Topps Opening Day RC (Pirates)
Murphy, David 2008 Upper Deck (Rangers)*
Nevin, Phil 2001 Topps Opening Day (Padres)
Nevin, Phil 2006 Topps U&H (Twins)^
Nolasco, Ricky 2007 Topps (Marlins)^
Olson, Greg 1991 Donruss (Braves)
Olson, Greg 1992 Studio (Braves)
Olson, Gregg 1990 Bowman (Orioles)
Ortiz, Jamie 2006 Bowman Draft RC (Dodgers)^*
Parrish, Lance 1985 Topps (Tigers)
Pena, Brayan 2006 Topps RC (Braves)^*
Plesac, Dan 1991 Fleer (Brewers)
Rauch, Jon 2007 UD First Edition (Nationals)
Rhymes, Will 2008 Bowman Draft RC (Tigers)*
Rhymes, Will 2008 Bowman Draft RC (Tigers)^*
Rose, Pete 1986 Donruss "King of Kings" (Reds)
Rose, Pete 1987 Donruss (Reds)
Rozema, Dave 1981 Topps (Tigers)
Ruggiano, Brian 2010 Topps Pro Debut RC (Raptors)*
Ruggiano, Brian 2010 Topps Pro Debut RC (Raptors)*
Ruggiano, Brian 2010 Topps Pro Debut RC (Raptors)*
Sabathia, CC 2007 Upper Deck (Indians)^
Segui, David 2001 UD MVP (Orioles)
Showalter, Buck 2004 Topps (Rangers)
Smith, Blake 2009 Donruss EEE RC (Dodgers)*
Smith, Blake 2010 Topps Pro Debut RC (AZL Dodgers)*
Smith, Lonnie 1990 Score (Braves)
Songco, Angelo 2010 Topps Pro Debut RC (Raptors)*
Sparks, Steve 1996 Pacific (Brewers)
Sparks, Steve 2003 Donruss Elite (Tigers)
Tanana, Frank 1989 Donruss (Tigers)
Tanana, Frank The Goal (Tigers)
Thomson, Bobby 2001 Topps (Giants) DECEASED
Velarde, Randy 1993 Donruss (Yankees)
Volstad, Chris 2009 Topps A&G (Marlins)
Wang, Chien-Ming 2006 Fleer (Yankees)
Westbrook, Jake 2006 Fleer (Indians)
Zumaya, Joel 2004 Topps Total RC (Tigers)^*

Accardo, Jeremy 2006 Bowman RC (Giants)
Accardo, Jeremy 2006 Fleer Tradition RC (Giants)
Bannister, Floyd 1981 Topps (Mariners)
Bannister, Floyd 1989 Donruss (Royals)
Boone, Bob 2001 Topps Archives (Royals)^
Brookens, Tom 1983 Topps (Tigers)*
Buss, Nick 2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects RC (Dodgers)*
Cameron, Mike 2004 Topps (Mariners)
Cameron, Mike 2009 Topps I (Brewers)
Cameron, Mike 2009 Topps II (Brewers)
Detwiler, Ross 2010 Topps (Nationals)
Eckenstahler, Eric 2003 Bowman RC (Tigers)
Feierabend, Ryan 2005 Topps Chrome RC (Mariners)
Francis, Jeff 2006 Topps (Rockies)^
Francis, Jeff 2008 Topps (Rockies)^
Francis, Jeff 2008 Upper Deck (Rockies)^
Garland, Jon 2004 Topps (White Sox)
Groom, Buddy 1993 Donruss (Tigers)
Groom, Buddy 1993 Donruss (Tigers)
Guthrie, Jeremy 2005 Donruss RR RC (Indians) "Go O's!"
Hammond, Chris 1991 Donruss (Reds)
Hammond, Chris 1992 Leaf (Reds)
Hernandez, Ramon 2008 Topps (Orioles)^
Hill, Aaron 2008 Topps Opening Day (Blue Jays)
Jackson, Austin 2010 Bowman RC (Tigers)*
Jennings, Doug 1989 Donruss (Athletics)
Jones, Todd 2001 UD Victory (Tigers)
Lewis, Richard 2001 UD Prospect Premiers RC (Braves)^*
Lopez, Javy 1996 Stadium Club (Braves)
Lopez, Javy 2001 Pacific (Braves)^
Mieske, Matt 1996 Flair (Brewers)^*
Monroe, Craig 2003 Fleer Tradition RC (Tigers)*
Phillips, Brandon 2006 Upper Deck (Reds)^
Phillips, Brandon 2007 Upper Deck (Reds)^
Putz, J.J. 2007 Upper Deck (Mariners)^
Rabelo, Mike 2007 Topps RC (Tigers)
Rabelo, Mike 2007 UD First Edition RC (Tigers)
Rueter, Kirk 1999 Upper Deck (Giants)
Salmon, Tim 2004 Topps (Angels)^
Schneider, Brian 2008 Topps (Mets)
Snell, Ian 2008 Upper Deck (Pirates)^
Spiers, Bill 2000 Topps (Astros)
Spiers, Bill 2001 Topps (Astros)
Stevens, Lee 1992 Upper Deck (Angels)^
Stevens, Lee 2000 Pacific (Rangers)^
Stevens, Lee 2000 Topps (Rangers)^
Stevens, Lee 2001 Topps (Expos)^
Suppan, Jeff 2001 Topps (Royals)
Tapani, Kevin 1995 Topps (Twins)
Tapani, Kevin 1997 Circa (Cubs)
Thornton, Matt 2010 Topps U&H (White Sox)
Williams, Woody 2005 Topps U&H (Padres)
Willis, Dontrelle 2004 Topps Opening Day (Marlins)^*
Wilson, C.J. 2003 Topps RC (Rangers)^
Wilson, C.J. 2006 Topps RC (Rangers)^

Random things I'm looking for:
autos of former GL Loons in MLB (RC preferred) - Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Santana, Josh Bell, Kenley Jansen, Victor Garate
HOF/star players - RC's are more interesting to me here as well
some Detroit Tigers

02-21-2011, 10:28 AM
Maybe interested in your PHIL NEVIN (Twins) 06 Topps U&H auto. Plmk with scan/details on condition. Thanks.


02-21-2011, 03:03 PM

The scan makes it obvious, but the autograph has bubbled a lot on the card. It is a reoccurring problem I've had with 2006 Topps and have taken better precautions now.

02-21-2011, 05:52 PM
Thanks for the scan/description of the Nevin auto. I think I'll pass on the 'bubbling' auto.


02-23-2011, 08:11 PM
Not a problem at all Gary, I suggest you find a Twins card of him and send TTM to him in respect to the Toledo Mudhens this season. He is their new manager.

Also, there will be a reasonably sized update made in a couple weeks, and some recognizable names will be added!!!

03-04-2011, 05:30 PM

I am in the process of updating this list - and you guys are the first to see it. HINT: If I have added it to my list today, I have made it bold for you guys.

03-04-2011, 05:57 PM
Interested in the new 2010 Topps minus the Neshek and Bell. Check out my tradelist here:
Wouldn't mind seeing a scan of the Votto first too.
Feel free to pm me.

03-04-2011, 06:05 PM
I could use
Wang, Chien-Ming 2006 Fleer (Yankees)

03-04-2011, 06:31 PM
Interested in the new 2010 Topps minus the Neshek and Bell. Check out my tradelist here:
Wouldn't mind seeing a scan of the Votto first too.
Feel free to pm me.
ErikHere is the Votto:


I just got an upgrade on it, so this one is getting moved. You can tell how the sharpie was probably running out when he signed this card. Does all include the U&H cards? Anyways, here is the ones I really like (yeah, I have expensive taste)

Adrian Gonzalez 02 Bowman
Ryan Braun 05 Topps Update
Matt Kemp 05 Bowman
Troy Tulowitzki 06 Bowman Draft Picks

I could use
Wang, Chien-Ming 2006 Fleer (Yankees)Nothing I need from you right now, sorry.

03-04-2011, 06:35 PM
It does include the U&H also. Do you have a scan of the Axford also?

03-04-2011, 07:09 PM
I do not yet (my scanner is at school), but let's just say that my cheap eraser prepping did not work at all. It looks just plain horrible and would feel better if I included it as an extra in a trade.

04-11-2011, 01:05 PM
A few updates have been made