View Full Version : need help w sa*ge!! very ill /they refused to reply to me and its been 4 years help??

03-23-2011, 05:58 PM
busted some 07 sage packs/boxes backk in jan 08 at tristar and pulled an 1/1 printing plate of my fav texans rb and then very hot rb darius walker. the plate was creased. they thru email said send it in and theyll send me some low #ed /sp'd darius walker autod rcs bc they couldnt replace a 1/1 plate. that was jan-feb 08 and we're now in 2011..they refuse to reply to any of my emails..

07-08 year..


im willing to give some type of aquire'd recievable fee to those who help me get some type of replacement(s)

the card is under my birth name which ive dropped and only use birth name when required by law..

can anybody please help me?

i hope and pray that i wont die anytime soon but good grief its been 3.5-4 years and nada,..


Kevin "uncle tiny" Alan