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05-31-2013, 10:41 AM
Topps Archives Football

24 packs - 8 cards per pack
2 Fan Favorite Autos per box

I received the following:

171 unique base cards - or 85.5% of the 200 card base set. -- Very good for set builders!!



As one can easily see, the Archives set is a duplication of sets gone by. I do wish that with the current state of printing that the reverse of the cards could be easier to read than it was when originally printed. In the Archives set, there are a number of NFL greats pictured along with most, if not all, of the current veterans and stars. The Archive set is true to it's predecessors, the card stock is very similar to the original but the photography is much better on the current version.

There are 4 main Archive 'reprints' in the base and an additional set or so in the SP's....

SP's -
203 Beebe
208 Coates
210 Gault
215 Too Tall Jones
226 Toon
234 Brent Jones


Green/Gold Sparkle

Brees and Locker

Stand Ups and 1000 yd Club


Peyton Manning
Trent Richardson

C. Johnson



C. Johnson


Brent Jones
Christian Okoye

(nearly missed the Jones auto the first time or 2 going thru the box.... hard to see this auto)

Kudos to Topps - both autos are on card blue Sharpee autos - the way it should be done!!


This is a good set for the younger collector to get their 'feet wet' in collecting. One gets a good portion of the base set in the box. With just 2 boxes, one should have more than enough to trade for the base cards not received and get a decent foothold on the SP portion of the set (50 cards - I believe.) The player collector will have more than enough to chase with gold and green sparkle variations to capture of their favorite player and should not break the bank.

Again, the autos are done exactly as they should be - on the card!!

The younger collectors can return to history with the Stand-Up cards of their favorites as well.

As stated earlier, I thought the actual printing of the cards left something to be desired.

Overall grade B+

Pick up a box or three and send the Tebow cards to me....