The PSA Goudey Adventure

A look into my pursuit of the 1933 & 34 Goudey sets graded by PSA

  1. Prices are way up

    I took some time off from collecting due to time restraints. Started browsing ebay recently and man graded prices are UP UP UP.

    I kept a spreadsheet with average sale prices on the cards I was looking to acquire. The goudey's in PSA 4 could be had for under $20 now I see them go for $30 and above. But the real increase is in graded RC's. I'll use 2 examples 2 years ago a PSA 8 Bird/Johson RC sold for $130 today $300+, and a Gretzky RC in PSA 8 2 years ago sold around $350 today $500+ ...
  2. Make that #16 for 1933 Goudey

    Finally had some ebay auctions that weren't crazy BIN's. Landed a few and they should start to trickle in the door the next coming days.

    Today we have #48 Marty McManus in PSA 4

    Marty had a 15 year career spanning 1920 thru 1934. He played for the St. Louis Browns, Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox.
    His career stats can be seen HERE. ...
  3. 1933 Goudey #233 has rolled in

    This one arrived in todays mail. 1933 Goudey #233 Johnny Vergez in PSA 1

    Mr Vergez had a 6 year career mostly with the N.Y Giants from 1931-36 as a third baseman. Check out his career STATS.

    This bring the 1933 set to 15 cards
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  4. New addition to the 33 Goudey set

    Waiting for me today was #221 Dale Alexander in PSA 4.

    Dale had a 7 year career with Detroit and Boston as a First Baseman. He had some pop in his bat when he first broke out into the league. Very impressive numbers for that time in baseball STATS.

    This brings my total count to 14 cards!