1. Need to empty out my house of ....

    All of these non-Cowboy cards!!!!

    It is killing me, I don't have any good organization to let people know what I have, but I am trying to get rid of a lot of stuff. Who do you do it? Or are you like me, a closet full of non-(your team here) stuff that you can't stand?

    I try to organize, but I need a few months of no work, no kids, no chores, all food and beer delivered and maybe, MAYBE I would be done.
  2. What do your do?????

    What do other people do to store their cards? Books and pages? Boxes? By Player? A combination of the bunch? I collect Dallas cowboy cards and i am having a hard time storing them? I never noticed it before, but now I am trying to scan in each card and catalog it and there doesn't seem to be a good way? I would be good to have a website like or some other sites that have pictures and card data, AND a location for storage, such as Box 1, Box 2, etc....

    What ...
  3. I generally don't talk to myself, but...

    For this blog, I will make an exception.

    This is my first blog post. If anyone reads this and would like to trade my team for your team, I can probably swing something.

    After being on numerous trade sites and trying to run one of my own, I've noticed a few things...

    1. Activity in the hobby seems to be cyclical and the harder you are in the harder you fall out.

    2. Although the cards aren't massively over-produced like the early 90's, ...