1. Wanted final 21 cards for 1-330 2006 Topps Chrome Black Border Refractor set

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    Down to final 21 cards to complete base set (Excluding the AUTOs) of 2006 Topps Chrome Black Border refractors. Any help out there? as of 2/20/16

    Topps Chrome 2006 Black Border Refractors Black Border Dupes (#d to 549) to trade
    39(Blalock), 53(Laird), 77(Loaiza), 111(Nick Johnson), 119(Kaz Matsui), 165(Murton), 199(E Santana), 252(A Huff), 266(Lowell), 267(A Jones),
    313(Nick Markakis- RC)

    Trade for any 2006 Topps Chrome Black border Refractors ON Want

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