Chapel Thrill

Will mostly be adding wantlists and tradelists and the occasional box break.

And of course, every now and than, may have to vent my thoughts on different things in life.

  1. 2012 a/g - wts/wtt/wttf

    Looking to get rid of the A/G that I have. Prefer to trade for the Military Leaders/Giants of the Deep inserts (needs listed at end of post), but am happy to sell and/or look at other trade possibilites. Thanks.

    What’s in a Name (WIN-xx)
    2 – car gonazlez
    12 minoso
    37 heyward
    67 stargell
    70 jon lester
    83 teixeira
    87 votto

    Worlds tallest (WTB-xx)
    2 tapei 101
    7 chrysler building
    9 woolworth building ...
  2. my most wanted

    My Most Wanted:
    Topps Football:

    2009 Topps:

    Topps Baseball:
    2011 Topps Update Toppstown (TTU-xx)

    Set #2:
    7 27
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