Chapel Thrill

Will mostly be adding wantlists and tradelists and the occasional box break.

And of course, every now and than, may have to vent my thoughts on different things in life.

  1. Plain White Envelopes

    Been quite some time since I put anything new into "the blog", but after the past couple is time.

    I was ready to go away from card collecting and rant about the inability of people to intelligently drive motor vehicles, but that will have to wait for another day.

    Let me start by saying - I love the concept of PWE's, it is a great way to get small trades done on the relative cheap. With that said, if they aren't done correctly, they don't help anyone. ...
  2. Trying To Get Organized

    Slowly but surely trying to get all my wantlists and tradelists updated.

    Just added my 2014 Topps Series I tradelist to a custom page. A second custom page has my 2010/2011/2012 Topps tradelist.

    The goal is to have it all ready to go when I begin to actively search for additional Kirby Puckett cards...
  3. 2013 Topps Series II break

    Just wrapped up breaking one jumbo and two hobby boxes. Inserts/Hits are listed below, working on sorting through the base.

    Looking mostly to trade for Pucketts or vintage (Ex+ or better condition) that I need.

    1972 Minis (TM-xx):
    51 griffey jr.
    55 miggy cabrera
    57 pujols
    59 shelby miller
    62 paul o neill
    65 machado
    66 tulo
    67 lincecum
    69 yount
    71 reggie jackson
    72 brandon phillips
    73 ...
  4. 2013 Topps Series I break

    Busted open 2 hobby boxes and a jumbo. Here are the inserts. Going to take a little while to sort the base, but hope to have it available for trade by the weekend.

    2013 Topps Series I

    1972 Minis (TM-xx):
    1 posey
    2 haren
    4 trout
    6 trevor bauer
    7 kimbrel
    8 uggla
    11 pedroia
    13 castro
    14 chris sale
    15 konerko
    16 votto
    20 verlander
    22 ethier
    26 braun
    27 dickey ...
  5. 2012 Topps Update Box Break

    Finally got my Update Jumbo ordered and delivered - not sure what base I will need until it is sorted. Until than, here are the inserts:

    Golden Giveaway Cards - 10. looking to sell these for $1.25/each ($12.50/total)

    Golden Greats (GG-xx):
    76 dawson
    85 morgan
    87 bench
    93 henderson
    96 perez

    Golden Moments (GM-Ux):
    4 hamilton
    6 adam jones
    8 kennedy
    9 miggy cabrerea
    16 ethier