Chapel Thrill

Will mostly be adding wantlists and tradelists and the occasional box break.

And of course, every now and than, may have to vent my thoughts on different things in life.

  1. Cell Phones/Cars

    Throwing this in the blog area rather than creating a thread - since it is nothing more than a personal rant.

    The use of cell phones to text, call, or do anything with while you are driving has got to stop! It sickens me to see the number of drivers on a daily basis who have so little regard for everyone else on the road. Whatever you think is important, updating facebook, texting a friend, or calling a client is not nearly as important as the safety of all the other drivers on ...
  2. The Triumphant Return

    Feels like forever since I have clicked on The Bench. Hopefully I will be back on full time again after the previous three months...

    Election years are always stressful and busy for me (just the business I am in) - but presidential election years ramp it up exponentially. Add to that coaching my sons kid pitch baseball team and you have a recipe for ZERO free time (to wit - I still haven't sorted my Topps Series II baseball yet).

    Work I could always do without, but ...
  3. Summertime Adult Beverages

    Now that summer is officially here (I think) - I spend my time sitting on the deck sipping the occasional beer. And anytime I happen to go out for dinner, I always try to pick a beer I have never tried before. Always bottles..never drafts.

    A couple of my current favorites:
    Rogue - Dead Guy Ale
    Kona - Longboard Island Lager

    Obviously this isn't for those members under 21!! But if you have a favorite summertime libation, let me know, always looking for ...
  4. Plain White Envelopes

    Been quite some time since I put anything new into "the blog", but after the past couple is time.

    I was ready to go away from card collecting and rant about the inability of people to intelligently drive motor vehicles, but that will have to wait for another day.

    Let me start by saying - I love the concept of PWE's, it is a great way to get small trades done on the relative cheap. With that said, if they aren't done correctly, they don't help anyone. ...
  5. Trying To Get Organized

    Slowly but surely trying to get all my wantlists and tradelists updated.

    Just added my 2014 Topps Series I tradelist to a custom page. A second custom page has my 2010/2011/2012 Topps tradelist.

    The goal is to have it all ready to go when I begin to actively search for additional Kirby Puckett cards...
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