Sorta Deep Baseball Thoughts

I have been stewing on this since Friday night when the Orioles and Nationals both blew their chances for a beltway World Series. (By the way, those were the teams that I picked in the Bracket Challenge. (Guess I don't get a chance to win this year. Anyway, and I'm not suggesting that it hasn't been nice to see Derek Jeter stay his whole career with one team, even if it is with the Yankees, but I would love to get a chance to ask him if his 5 World Series rings would mean more to him if they were won with any other team?

And I'm not using this to beat down the Yankees at all. Just curious. Take example Mark Grace, great guy, great player, one ring...with the Diamondbacks. Now most people think Gracie and they think Cubs. Obviously not knowing that the Cubs would not be going to the Series any time soon, would it have made a difference in 2003 if Grace was still at first instead of Derrick Lee?

Does any one else think the State Farm agent in the commerical with Kerry Wood and Andre Dawson looks a bit like a young Kirby Puckett?

There was a blurb in the Minneapolis Star Tribune hinting that friday was Jim Thome's last game...First ballot HOFer?

Derek Jeter is only 952 hits away from Pete Rose's record. Rose is on the record saying that he doesn't think he can get there. Jeter is saying he doesn't care...hmmm

Is anyone else sick of the Cardinals yet?

More thoughts coming later

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