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  1. History

    One of the more enjoyable aspects of the hobby for me is thinking about the history of some of the items in my collection. With the ups and downs in the hobby I've enjoyed since 1981, it's always amazing to think about what might have happened. When I was younger, it went one way. I'd pick up a card and think about how it got to that point in time. I bought a beautiful 1959 Topps Frank Robinson when I was a teenager. I'd realize that most likely it was pulled from a penny or nickel pack by a kid ...
  2. My Baseball Tradelist 1950-1969

    Year Set Subset # Name Team
    1950 Bowman Main Set 211 Charlie Keller Detroit Tigers
    1950 Bowman Main Set 249A Snuffy Stirnweiss NC St. Louis Browns
    1951 Topps Red Backs Main Set 47 Tommy Glaviano St. Louis Cardinals
    1955 Topps Main Set 104 Jack Harshman Chicago White Sox
    1957 Topps Main Set 212 Rocky Colavito RC Cleveland Indians
    1959 Topps Main Set 116 Bob Allison Washington Senators
    1959 Topps Main Set 166 Destruction Crew - Minnie Minoso / Rocky ...
  3. Wantlists

  4. Cubs Or Else

    The last few weeks I've been re-organizing, with a goal of being ready form the 2015 baseball sets. Ready for what? The Cubs having more than three guys of importance on their team from a collector standpoint.

    If they start winning divisions and pennants, I want to be ready to pick up some quality Cubs stuff. EBay, The Bench, wherever, I guess. The best way to be able to do that is be organized on my end, and know what I want. I've shuffled my bait, and I'm doubting I will ...
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