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  1. What is the best way to upload a pic on The Bench?

    Wanted to see what different ways people use to upload pics here on The Bench. I always love seeing scans of cards on here and had used flickr before but wanted to know if there was an easier way using a smart phone maybe? I have a bunch of stuff that I will be listing soon and would love to show pics of the cards. Thanks in advance and Happy 2015 all!!!

  2. Sy Berger defined Topps' success with his drive, creativity and integrity.

    Sitting at his kitchen table in early 1952, Sy Berger designed a masterpiece.

    Baseball card collectors have benefited from his artistry ever since. And Sunday, collectors lost the “father of modern day baseball cards.”

    Seymour P. “Sy” Berger, the iconic Topps employee known as the “father of modern day baseball cards,” died early Sunday at his home in Rockville Center, New York, said baseball historian Marty Appel, a friend and former public relations man for Topps ...
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  3. 1948 Bowman Wantlist/Tradelist

    by , 12-11-2014 at 11:35 PM (A Day Late And A Dollar Shortprint)

    1 Bob Elliot
    5 Bob Feller
    6 Yogi Berra
    7 Pete Reiser
    8 Phil Rizzuto
    13 Willard Marshall
    16 Jack Lohrke
    20 Buddy Kerr
    22 Bill Bevens
    24 Dutch Leonard
    26 Spec Shea
    29 Joe Page
    34 Sheldon Jones
    38 Red Schoendienst
    47 Bobby Thompson

    3 Ralph Kiner
    14 Allie Reynolds
    15 Eddie Joost
    21 Ferris Fain
    31 Bill McCahan
    37 ...
  4. History

    One of the more enjoyable aspects of the hobby for me is thinking about the history of some of the items in my collection. With the ups and downs in the hobby I've enjoyed since 1981, it's always amazing to think about what might have happened. When I was younger, it went one way. I'd pick up a card and think about how it got to that point in time. I bought a beautiful 1959 Topps Frank Robinson when I was a teenager. I'd realize that most likely it was pulled from a penny or nickel pack by a kid ...
  5. My Baseball Tradelist 1950-1969

    Year Set Subset # Name Team
    1950 Bowman Main Set 211 Charlie Keller Detroit Tigers
    1950 Bowman Main Set 249A Snuffy Stirnweiss NC St. Louis Browns
    1951 Topps Red Backs Main Set 47 Tommy Glaviano St. Louis Cardinals
    1955 Topps Main Set 104 Jack Harshman Chicago White Sox
    1957 Topps Main Set 212 Rocky Colavito RC Cleveland Indians
    1959 Topps Main Set 116 Bob Allison Washington Senators
    1959 Topps Main Set 166 Destruction Crew - Minnie Minoso / Rocky ...
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