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  1. Baseball Card of the Week: 1989 Score Paul Gibson Error #595

    I am providing a link to a blog I recently started with a friend of mine where we randomly post about sports cards.

    Bean's Ballcard Blog

    But, more specifically, I am posting my Baseball Card of the Week: 1989 Score Paul Gibson Error #595.

    1989 Paul Gibson Score Error

    I am in no way trying to spam or promote for monetary gain. If this post violates forum rules, please let me know and let me know how I may be able to post these articles ...
  2. Scott's Red Sox wantlist - 2014 - present - Updated 04/10/2010

    2014 Bowman Chrome
    1B Xander Bogaerts/99 $30.00

    2014 Bowman Chrome Refractors
    1 Xander Bogaerts $6.00

    2014 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractors
    1 Xander Bogaerts $10.00
    130 Jon Lester $5.00

    2014 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractors
    1 Xander Bogaerts $25.00
    26 Garin Cecchini $8.00
    130 Jon Lester $10.00
    140 David Ortiz $12.00
    194 Dustin Pedroia $12.00

    2014 ...

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  3. What drives us

    I recently began a quest to obtain the three mís mantel, maris, mays from the 61 tops set. I recently found an estate auction that was listing various 61 card lots along with numerous sets and boxes and the journey began. I worked until 1am and the auction was 7am 2 hours away so I arrived home I could not sleep felt like a kid at Christmas going over my price guides and checking my notes for the sale finally the morning arrived I left the house at 445am arrived there fueled on mountain dew and ...
  4. tradelist


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  5. Plain White Envelopes

    Been quite some time since I put anything new into "the blog", but after the past couple is time.

    I was ready to go away from card collecting and rant about the inability of people to intelligently drive motor vehicles, but that will have to wait for another day.

    Let me start by saying - I love the concept of PWE's, it is a great way to get small trades done on the relative cheap. With that said, if they aren't done correctly, they don't help anyone. ...
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