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  1. Chase Utley

  2. 2017 Topps Update FT--jumbo box

    Quote Originally Posted by jaxbraves View Post
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    Need a Cal Ripken Jr 2017 Topps Fire Monikers Blue?
    Sure up the trade and I will confirm.

    Posting now thanks.
  3. LeSean McCoy GUed

  4. 2017 Bowman Prospects Silver Ronald Acuna FT

    Acura has been traded thanks!
  5. 2017 Topps Fire cards now at Target!

    Quote Originally Posted by r5-grnd-pndr View Post
    I can use them all. I'll try and get a list for you in the next day or two. I may be heading out your way for the fires, but I'll try and get this done before I leave
    Okay. mom and two brothers worked for the Divison of Forrestry. Best rgards, David
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