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  1. looking for vintage baseball trading sites

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    Looking lo locate strictly vintage baseball trading sites to trade on. I know there is a couple but seemed to have lost the addys. I have alot of 60's-70's stuff and am trying to fill my needs with the 1965,1966,1968 and 1969 Topps sets I have. Thx any help is appreciated, JIm
  2. Cell Phones/Cars

    Throwing this in the blog area rather than creating a thread - since it is nothing more than a personal rant.

    The use of cell phones to text, call, or do anything with while you are driving has got to stop! It sickens me to see the number of drivers on a daily basis who have so little regard for everyone else on the road. Whatever you think is important, updating facebook, texting a friend, or calling a client is not nearly as important as the safety of all the other drivers on ...
  3. Seizure Control Through The Atkins Diet

    None of us are perfect. Even if you have the will of a warrior, splurging on your favorite unhealthy food is really really nice every now and again. For the rest of us commoners, it's absolutely essential to be able to curb our cravings or we'll ketogenic just go crazy one day and go on a binge that will be very hard to recover from. Easy diets that work allow you to have controlled cheats so you ...
  4. Football For Trade List.

    1992 topps
    #519 Leo Barker
    #494 Riki Ellison
    #414 Mark Dennis
    #632 Sammie Smith

    1991 Bowman
    #343 Steve Walsh
    #144 Michael Cofer
    #77 Eddie Brown

    2015 Topps Chrome Rookie Relics
    David Cobb

    2015 topps chrome
    #92 Derek Carr
    #117 Brandon Scherff
    #40 Matthew Stafford
    #111 Ameer Abdullah
    #168 Vince Mayle
    #43 T.Y. Hilton

    2015 topps chrome X-Fractor ...
  5. frank thomas have/fs list

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