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  1. My football FT list

    Tyler Eifert (2016 Score) #68 x1
    Karlos Williams (2016 Score) #35 x1
    Drew Brees Fantasy Studs (2015 Topps) #328 x1
    John Brown (2015 Score) #223 x1
    Austin Seferian-Jenkins (2015 Score) #71 x1
    Joe Namath Gridiron Heritage (2015 Score) #20 x1
    Ahman Green Gridiron Heritage (2015 Score) #11 x1
    Andre Williams Sophomore Selections (2015 score) #11 x1
    Denver Broncos Team Leaders (2015 Score) #25 x1
    Baltimore Ravens Team Leaders (20015 Score) ...
  2. Fleer Tradelist

    1984 Fleer #301 Gwynn, Tony, #447 Henderson, Rickey
    1986 Fleer #5 Brett, George, #109, #191, #323 Gwynn, Tony, #345 Clemens, Roger, #368, #378, #401, #450, #634, #647, #649 RC Canseco, Jose
    1986 Fleer Limited Edition #23 Henderson, Rickey
    1986 Fleer Sluggers/Pitchers #5(Canseco)
    1986 Fleer Star Sticker #19(Canseco), #50(Gwynn), #53 Henderson, )
    1986 Fleer Update #U-44 Galarraga, Andres
    1986 Fleer Wax Box Cards #C8 Fisk, Carlton
    1987 Fleer Baseball's ...
  3. 2015-16 wanted and to trade

    This is now mostly a want list, although a few special extra inserts are listed with the
    2017 cards and earlier ones with double parenthesis ((xxx))

    2017 heritage

    looking for the following sps

    have the following sps to trade for other sps

    looking for the following action sps

    blue border to trade 104,402,433,452,464,495 ...

    Updated 05-06-2017 at 01:09 PM by lmcgown

  4. Summertime Adult Beverages

    Now that summer is officially here (I think) - I spend my time sitting on the deck sipping the occasional beer. And anytime I happen to go out for dinner, I always try to pick a beer I have never tried before. Always bottles..never drafts.

    A couple of my current favorites:
    Rogue - Dead Guy Ale
    Kona - Longboard Island Lager

    Obviously this isn't for those members under 21!! But if you have a favorite summertime libation, let me know, always looking for ...
  5. ne of them days

    Did you ever have one of these days. Took a weeks vacation to build a deck off our back porch finally finished and one board out of the hundreds we used has about an inch space between that one and the next board right below our swing while building the deck my wife kept telling me the boards should be flush but i continued and finally finished the deck its about 35 feet by 20 feet and about 6 feet, from the ground to the deck a beautiful job i must say. Well lets get to the board i mentioned above ...
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