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  1. Basketball and Hockey RC Want List

    Basketball RC Want List

    1969-70 Topps Lew Alcindor
    1969-70 Topps Bill Bradley
    1969-70 John Havlicek
    1969-70 Topps Walt Frazier
    1969-70 Topps Earl Monroe
    1969-70 Topps Dave Bing
    1969-70 Topps Willis Reed
    1970-71 Topps Pete Maravich
    1970-71 Topps Pat Riley
    1971-72 Topps Rick Barry
    1971-72 Topps Nate Archibald
    1971-72 Topps Rudt Tomjanovich
    1971-72 Topps Larry Brown
    1972-73 Topps Julius Erving ...

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  2. Football Rc Want List

    Football RC Want List

    1948 Bowman Johnny Lujack #3
    1948 Bowman Sammy Baugh #22
    1948 Bowman Bob Waterfield #26
    1948 Bowman Bulldog Turner #36
    1948 Bowman Alex Wojciechowicz #61
    1948 Bowman Pete Pihos #63
    1948 Bowman Bill Dudley #80
    1948 Leaf Sid Luckman #1
    1948 Leaf Doak Walker #4
    1948 Leaf Johnny Lujack #13
    1948 Leaf George McAfee #19
    1948 Leaf Steve Van Buren #22
    1948 Leaf Sammy Baugh #34 ...

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  3. Baseball RC Want List

    Baseball RC Want List

    Below you will find my updated RC/Prospect want list. The list is very vintage heavy, but there are also a lot of modern cards, as well as low end 80's and 90's cards. I have typically only listed cards from 1 set, but would be interested in other sets that are not listed from that year. As for vintage, I am very lenient on condition, as long as the price is right. I prefer no paper loss or writing, it just depends on the card.

    I am currently working ...

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  4. dbarbos1's TTM Successes

    Well....the new and updated Bench page sure is spiffy. I see the opportunity to make a blog, and why not. I will try to update this daily with my TTM successes.

    Eric Thames c/o Blue Jays ST 1/1
    Scott Boras c/o office

    Justin Masterson c/o Indians 2/2

    Lucas Harrell c/o Astros 3/3

    Kyle Farnsworth c/o Rays 2/2

    No TTM Autographs Today

    9/10/2012 ...

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  5. 2012 Topps Rings/Pins/patches for Sale/For Trade

    Looking to sell/trade these 2012 Topps rings/pins:
    Sandy Koufax Team Ring
    Sandy Koufax Pin(1958 Champions)
    (2) Mariano Riversapins(2009 Champions)
    Roberto Clemente patch
    Sandy Koufax Retired Ring #/736
    Willie Mays pin(1954 Champions)
    Mickey Mantle pin(1956 Champions)
    Joe DiMaggio pin(1947 Champions)
    Yogi Berra pin(1951 Champions)
    Babe Ruth pin(1923 Champions)
    Frank Robinson pin(1966 Champions)
    Cal Ripken pin(1983 ...
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