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  • YSL Project

    Progress: 6734 of 6742 (99.88%)
  • Trader Of The Month

    Trader of the Month
    February 2017 Top Trader of the Month was David K with 68 trades.

    Congrats to David K

    Rounding out the Top 10 are:

    CubsFan1313 - 45
    jlackey40 - 37
    dragonslayer913 - 32
    mm1sub - 27
    Scobes - 24
    Applegate - 23
    soxfan30 - 22
    katester44 - 20
    chieftazmisty - 19

    David K received 75 Bench Bucks for being the top trader in February and jlackey40 received 25 Bench Bucks for being the random winner of the 2 thru 10 top trader in February.

  • TOTM Standings

    July's Top Traders
    David K.31
    don money16
    tom szczygiel15

  • Site Statistics

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    Total Threads: 74,982
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    Completed Trades:262044
    Trades In Last 30 Days: 975

    Newest Member: saranac
  • The Bench's Spring Cleaning

    We have been undertaking a massive update on some of the projects and features that needed attention. Sometimes personal and real-life issues get in the way of our hobbies.

    With new members on the moderating team, some new titles and access to other existing staff members, we are all looking forward to making The Bench better than ever.

    --A new Real-Time Live Chat feature at the bottom of the site display.
    --Yankee Stadium Collection is nearly complete. Click the YSL Link for the few remaining needs!
    --Trader of the Month is now updated after some time behind. We have it assigned to go up monthly now.
    --The Bench Bucks store is up and running, and we will soon be adding even more selection to choose from!
    --Increasing awareness and presence on social media and beyond.
    --Many more projects on the horizon.

    Some say the hobby is dying. It may very well be, but it is still my hobby.....OUR hobby, and we all look forward to the many years ahead being the web's most trusted trading venue!