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    Progress: 6734 of 6742 (99.88%)
  • Trader Of The Month

    Trader of the Month
    February 2017 Top Trader of the Month was David K with 68 trades.

    Congrats to David K

    Rounding out the Top 10 are:

    CubsFan1313 - 45
    jlackey40 - 37
    dragonslayer913 - 32
    mm1sub - 27
    Scobes - 24
    Applegate - 23
    soxfan30 - 22
    katester44 - 20
    chieftazmisty - 19

    David K received 75 Bench Bucks for being the top trader in February and jlackey40 received 25 Bench Bucks for being the random winner of the 2 thru 10 top trader in February.

  • TOTM Standings

    July's Top Traders
    David K.52

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    Total Threads: 75,097
    Total Posts: 734,636
    Currently Online: 111
    Completed Trades:262179
    Trades In Last 30 Days: 637

    Newest Member: bjv7
  • Blog Ideas...Start yours TODAY

    I see members have begun to use the blog system. So I thought I would take some time to outline a few thoughts I had on how to utilize the BLOGS.

    First this your should do is create a catchy BLOG name. It will default to your screen name, but naming it something that revolves around what your blog is about will help other decide if they will visit or keep surfing. The idea is to attract members to visit so think it out before moving forward.

    I have created categories that your blog post can be associated with. This can be done from a drop down menu, when you are creating the blog entry. Users can them view these blogs by category. Not interested in TTM stuff, then skip them and check out a different category. If you have other categories you would like added, don't hesitate to make a request.

    The nice feature of the blogs is that on the lower right column you have a "blog" calender. If you make an entry that date will be clickable. Pretty neat if you just joined and want to back track on someone's blog.

    Also the custom pages are really nice to break down lists, be it for want lists or trade list. It's the best way to go since they will always be in the same place ( I choose to have them up top below my BLOG name). If you are posting your wantlist as the main blog entry it will quickly disappear once you make new entries. So to save yourself from having to post it over and over just make a custom page to store it and link to that page.

    I'm using my blog to chronicle my PSA goudey set, so instead of cluttering the board with new threads, those who wish to read about it can just subscribe to my blog http://www.thebenchtrading.com/blog.php?1-Champs96ws. This is something that all the TTM guys should venture into easy to do and with the calendar you can always go back and look at what you got on what day.

    That's it for now, share your ideas with the group.
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    1. BoSoxProspector's Avatar
      BoSoxProspector -
      Quick question: I tried creating a blog post, but I couldn't figure out how to include an image in the post, rather than as an attachment. I see that you've figured it out. Can you please advise?

    1. Champs96ws's Avatar
      Champs96ws -
      Quote Originally Posted by BoSoxProspector View Post
      Quick question: I tried creating a blog post, but I couldn't figure out how to include an image in the post, rather than as an attachment. I see that you've figured it out. Can you please advise?

      The link to the image be it on photobucket or in your album here needs to be wrapped with [img] [/img]
    1. BoSoxProspector's Avatar
      BoSoxProspector -
      OK, thanks for the response. I still can't figure it out, but I'll keep trying.

    1. Champs96ws's Avatar
      Champs96ws -
      post a link to the image you want and i will edit your post to have is display..then you can edit the post to see what I did.
    1. BoSoxProspector's Avatar
      BoSoxProspector -
      Now I've got it, thanks again!
    1. jimmyhazard's Avatar
      jimmyhazard -
      okay,help this ol' hillbilly out.How do I delete my first blog? it's a jumbled mess ! and on my second blog I forgot to categorize it.So how do I do that? and thanks,James
    1. lclose17's Avatar
      lclose17 -
      I am new to this site and I am not yet familiar with the process of trading. I sent my cards 1st and received confirmation to day of their receipt by the trader. Today I received the cards in the trade. how do I post that I have received them?
    1. rl16's Avatar
      rl16 -
      Hi Lou,

      Click on the trade manager tab. Open up the trade you completed. Scroll to the bottom and there is a box where you can mark it received.
    1. OnDeck's Avatar
      OnDeck -
      Even spam its the blog broad.