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  1. Sure did! thanks and both patches have been sent out a couple days ago
  2. Hello, did you receive the $20 payment. Just want to make sure you got it. Thanks
  3. Hey there... got both patches in hand. 20.00 for the pair will work. Thanks!
  4. Ok sounds good thank you
  5. Ok I just traded for the Edmonds... give me a couple days and I’ll sell both for 20.00. Thanks Bri
  6. Just waiting on polar bear to respond to my trade offer. Thanks!
  7. Should I pay for the $9 patch or should I wait? Did you get my PM?
  8. Hi there! I am always getting stuff in lots and I take a lot of Cardinals as there are many collectors on here I will propose a trade to Polar Bear now for that Edmonds. Is Polar Bears Edmonds something you would be interested in? If I strike a deal for his Edmonds I can sell both for 22.00 dlvd. His is in better condition than the current one I have is so I would do 13.00 for his and 9.00 for mine. LMK either way. Thanks, Bri
  9. Yes I would be interested in the patch card. What are you pulling them out of thin air LOL. The price sounds good with me but if you can check to see if you have anymore so they can be shipped together. Are you working out a deal with polar bear67 for that patch card of Edmonds? Just confirm and I send the money thanks.
  10. Hi there, Glad you received it... I have this one too... Corner wear at the top as seen in the scan but nice patch nontheless. 9.00 dlvd if interested. THanks, Bri

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