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  1. Sent you a pm with my email address
  2. Send me your email..... Like I say the best for me is $55.00.

  3. Can you send a scan of the card. I could do $50 if all is right. Thanks
  4. Highest I can go is $43 shipped. Thanks
  5. $55. is the low I can go. LMK
  6. Canít do $65 for that card. Thanks
  7. This card is really rare , $65 DLV.
  8. Canít do $100 was looking at $38 shipped. If you can do that I will buy it. Thank you
  9. I still have the card , this card is really rare I'm looking for $100.00 for it or tell me your offer and would see.

    LMK Thanks
  10. Hello, I contacted you on eBay about the 2004 Jim Edmonds Auto /10 would be interested in a price and pics if you are looking to sell. Thank you
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