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Dawn of the Blog #5

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Long week here so far, have a ton of things getting close to crunch time and most of them not looking that great. No need to bore you with the those details though. On Wed morning though my wife managed to total our PT Cruiser, 2 years to the day she wrecked the Ford Escape. Escape was her fault, this one was not though. So now we will be lucky to get 5 grand for the Cruiser and have to go find a decent used car for around that amount. We will most likely have to get a loan since there are not many decent used cars that fit our needs around here for less than 8-10 grand. So now it's just waiting for the check and trying to find a car with our crazy schedules before the time on our rental from the insurance company runs out. At least my son wasn't in the car at the time of the accident and that my wife did not get hurt.

Oh well, at least while at work tonight I will get to watch the Tigers vs. Yankees on a huge HD TV Go Tigers!
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