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Arizona Fall Leaugue Mariners retruns

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All c/o Peoria Javelinas
Mike Zunino!!
Stefen Romero
Logan Bawcom
Bobby LaFrombise

Unfortunately, all but the Bawcom have some ink bleed problems. I don't know if it's the ink, paper, or envelops that is causing this but I'm really not thrilled about it, although I'm always happy to get returns. I just have this feeling that Zunino will not be a good signer and I won't be able to get him again, mine is then only success I'm aware of for him TTM.


  1. CW13's Avatar
    very cool with Zunino. Bawcom played here in college and it's amazing how much success he's had in the minors. No one really thought he would progress like this. Looks like he's a future closer in waiting. He's a super nice guy. congrats on those. i need to send to zunino
  2. smitha1's Avatar
    Had the opportunity to sit near and talk briefly with Zunino's wife at the games a few weeks back. Very nice, down to earth and level headed young lady, particularly considering their recent windfall. It is pretty easy to identify which spouses are married to the high picks based upon attire.
  3. worldwideed's Avatar
    haha, they JUST got married too, I don't even think they had time for a honeymoon between the ceremony and having to start the season.
  4. tigerace14's Avatar
    Are they still playing in AZ?? I thought maybe they would be finished after the Rising Stars game....thanks and plmk.

  5. worldwideed's Avatar
    The Rising Stars game is the midway point in the season, just like MLB
  6. TGutta's Avatar
    Congrats on the returns! I sent out to 7 players for the AFL. I wasn't really expecting much back but last week I got Jarred Cosart so that was pretty awesome!