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1 return for new project (advice needed)

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Dick Green 2/2 c/o home
1970 Topps- I could trade this for a 73 or 74 that I don't have

1974 All-Star Ballot

I'm going to send the ballot to as many great signers that are on it, by my count about 13 more.
I was thinking about punching out the chad for each person that signed it, that way it would act as it's own checklist. Do you think it would display better that way? I have to decide now because someone might sign over a chad that I need to punch out.
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  1. BucCollector's Avatar
    I think "checking the box" would look better than punching out the chad.
  2. ragtop12's Avatar
    I agree... maybe you can ask each player to check their box?
  3. worldwideed's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice, I did go with filling in the box (like on a scantron test)
    Just sent it to Larry Bowa, so we'll be seeing it again in 10-12 days. I'd be cool if I can get 4 total before the end of the year.
  4. KCLJ520's Avatar
    I didnt do my research, are all the people you are having sign it those that played in the ASG in '74 or who were nominated? Very cool either way!