The Sports Bookie -- An early look at Finite Black Prizm football

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Panini teased and teased, and finally revealed a glimpse of its Finite Black Prizm card from the Prizm football set on Sunday, just as Atlanta and Seattle were beginning their NFC Divisional playoff game.

The Finite Black Prizm is going to be a 1/1 card, and there will be autographed versions of the card too.

The Tom Brady card released by Panini will give collectors a peek of the design of these chase cards. You can see how it looks in this post.

If you haven't read about this set (although I suspect many of you on The Bench already have), here is a little background about the Prizm, which is set for release next month.

The 300-card base set will include 100 rookies, and rookie cards will be inserted one per pack. A hobby box will contain 20 packs, with six cards per pack. If you buy retail, expect to find four cards to a pack and 24 packs to a box.

One hundred veterans and 100 of the rookies will have autograph parallel cards.

Panini is promising two autographs per hobby box, with at least one Red Prizm card, a Rookie Dominance insert, a Decade Dominance card and at least two more inserts. There will be no relic cards included in the set.

With the cards coming out in February with the Super Bowl still fresh in football fansí minds, it might get a good following.

How do you guys like it?
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  1. dp33's Avatar
    I think the Finite looks great (as a 1/1 card should), so I'm curious what the rest of the set looks like. I also don't think I mind that there aren't going to be relics in the product - that's one of the reasons I've always liked Topps Chrome and, to an extent, the lower-end Bowman products.