Need ideas! Just got a huge lot of auto/GU/inserts/oddball/base

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I just got a huge lot of baseball, football, and basketball auto/GU/inserts/oddball/base to go with a ridiculous amount of stuff that I already had.

I am looking for ideas for what types of lots to create to sell. Teams? Players? Sets? Randoms?

Please let me know if you are looking for anything in particular...or if you have a good idea for what types of lots to create.

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  1. Clemson2012's Avatar
    If you got any Justin Upton & Andrelton Simmons I might be interested. Why not just have christmas in february and give all the bench members some free cards....haha j/k. I would say prob be best to put them in player lots or sell them seperatly. Dont know much about selling myself as I dont do it much.
  2. grapler135s's Avatar
    Thanks for the post! Let me see what I have of J. Upton and Simmons and I will let you know.

  3. Clemson2012's Avatar
    Thanks sounds great.
  4. valediction's Avatar
    Anything except random. The buyers for 'random' lots are generally people looking to flip them, so unless your price is 10% of BV or so, you're probably not going to gather much interest. My personal suggestion is complete sets, starter sets of mostly lesser names with a couple of bigger names mixed in, and the biggest names as singles/player lots. You get the people who just want to buy it and be done, the ones who enjoy the chase but get the cheaper ones out of the way without having to pay s/h on each card, and let the player collectors and set builders fight for the bigger names/ tougher pulls.
  5. grapler135s's Avatar
    Valediction...thanks for the response and great ideas. I just posted up a complete 100 card set of 2009 UD Signature Stars. I will likely post more complete/partial sets in the future depending on if/when this one sells and when I have time to inventory which sets are complete and which are partial. Thanks and take care!