Memorabilia: How to Determine the Value of an Autographed Football Memorabilia

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When it comes to any type of memorabilia every owner, prospective buyer, and appraisers have one common question at mind which is, “How much is it worth,” well there are many things you have to keep in mind when it comes to determining the value of memorabilia. In the world of football memorabilia there are so many things you have to keep in mind when it comes to determining the correct value for a piece of autographed memorabilia. Of course any beloved sports fan would love to have an autographed memorabilia of their favorite player but they would also love to obtain it at a reasonable and fair price. Each piece of autographed sports memorabilia is not guaranteed to cost the same price because there are so many different factors that come into play when it comes to placing a price on a piece of sports memorabilia. For example one piece of sports memorabilia can be purchased for fifty dollars but another may be purchased for five thousand dollars, and depending on the different factors that come in to play about the memorabilia. So I know you’re thinking “Well what exactly determines the price and how do I know if it’s reasonable?’’ Well don’t worry there are many ways to answer this question and fully understand what is the proper value for a specific piece of work.
For starters you have to determine actually how rare the piece of sports memorabilia is that you are either trying to buy or sell. The factor of how rare the piece of sports memorabilia is may be referred to as rarity. When it comes to an items rarity you have to essentially think about how many of these items exist, how hard is it to obtain them, and what was the status of the individual that the sports memorabilia represents. Rarity not only makes your piece of memorabilia automatically exclusive but it also ups the price and value of your item because it is very hard to find. You have to put into mind that when a lot of people want one piece of memorabilia and there are only a few they are willing to pay a costly price just to own it because not only are they dying for it but they may never have the opportunity to purchase this particular item again. Also you have to put into consideration how hard it is to obtain them because anyone would rather go ahead and purchase the memorabilia at a costly price instead of searching all around the country just to get the item.

Lastly you have to consider the status of the individual the memorabilia is relevant to because if it is a very high profile athlete that only has a few pieces of memorabilia floating around of course it will be costly or if it is a memorabilia relevant to a historical athlete that may have played decades ago and their memorabilia Is very hard to obtain due to the lack of new memorabilia being produced. Alongside with a historical athlete if the actual athlete is deceased it definitely ups the price of the autographed memorabilia because not only can it be hard to obtain but due to the athlete being deceased any autographed memorabilia that is left behind is all that remains because a dead athlete cannot sign memorabilia, so a fan will pay an extreme amount of money to get autographed memorabilia of a deceased athlete.
The next factor you have to put into consideration is exactly how bad do fans want a particular piece of memorabilia. When it comes to determining how many as well as how much fans desire a certain piece of memorabilia is referred to as desirability. When it comes to determining the desirability of the memorabilia you have to put into consideration exactly how high profile the athlete is and how huge their fan base is. By focusing on how high profile the athlete is you can definitely up the price on your memorabilia solely based on who the athlete is. You can also up the price based on how big the particular athletes fan base is. Always remember the bigger the fan base the better because when you have thousands of people wanting the same memorabilia simply based on their love for the athlete they will be willing to pay a costly amount just to obtain the memorabilia so it definitely play a role in determining the price.
When a true and devoted fan truly desires something and wants it strictly for themselves they will be willing to upside any other fan that is trying to obtain the same item. When it comes to determining the value of memorabilia based on desirability you have to think strategic based on the concept of competition. Competition usually rises between devoted fans as they try to come out on top with the item they have been longing for by any means necessary. For example a desired piece of memorabilia may be up for 100 dollars and a fan offers to pay 225 for it but them another fan comes along and offers 350 and then the first fan goes up to 400, when it comes to competitive bidding the price offers are endless until one fan gives up. So the value based on desirability is based strictly on the fans and how much they are willing to pay as well as what the appraiser thinks is reasonable and fair in relation to value and sales price.
Lastly, the condition of the memorabilia is definitely a factor that comes into determining the value of the autographed memorabilia. If the item is in perfect mint condition it can definitely be sold at a costly price because not only may it be a desired piece of memorabilia but it is in perfect condition. Also when an item is in perfect condition many companies will actually consider purchasing a piece of memorabilia at an extremely generous price just so it can be displayed at maybe a sports museum, hall, or gallery. Sadly if the item is in poor condition the item value automatically goes down. When an item is in normal condition the price neither goes up or down it just remains at a reasonable range because although it isn’t in perfect condition it isn’t completely trashed either. So when it comes to determining the value of autographed sports memorabilia there are many factors you have to put into consideration.