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WereBlog #7

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Man, time does slip by when you're busy! Since my last blog post I've moved twice and had another son Last place we rented was just too small and in a town I did not care for that much. Now we have moved back to Oswego and are a lot closer to all the shopping/errand places, not to mention I'm only a couple of blocks away from my job which is great.

In terms of the hobby I really do miss working on my Negro League collection--it really was impressive if I say so myself! I am working on a couple of parallel sets and being a Mod here on The Bench helps me from not getting disconnected to the hobby--miss not busting boxes though. Then again, I am saving a lot of money by not busting boxes! If they were still out there I know there are some boxes/cases I would love to bust--2005 Topps Total was a fun one.
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  1. David K.'s Avatar
    I agree about the case break or bust.....that 2008 ud heroes case was awesome! Makes you long for another bust.......Just got my federal refund deposited today. Part goes to my vacation trip this year and the rest? Best regards, David
  2. Loyalty32's Avatar
    I've been wanting to bust a case of 1989 Upper Deck for some reason.

  3. Meliah's Avatar
    I've busted a few cases--2007 Topps Series 1 Jumbo boxes (which worked out very well thanks to that Jeter/Bush card and all the Red Backs) and 2010 Topps T206 was fun but not a good flip.