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With a wife and two boys, I have exclusive domain over just one room in our house. I call it my "office," but it's pretty much just a walk-in closet down in the basement. This is where I keep most of my baseball cards.

My wife likes things orderly, while I am not averse to clutter. Actually, I'm a slob. My office is the one place where I can let chaos reign.

What is wrong with me that I can't throw out old price guides?

Nevertheless, being an active trader with thousands of cards listed for trade does require organization... or you will spend half your waking life searching for baseball cards.

Mmmm… birthday snacks.

My wife doesn't know much about baseball cards, so she's never really hit the mark when trying to get me cards as gifts (and so seldom tries). But I must admit that my tidy lady has made a solid contribution to keeping my collection in order. Over the years, she's given me a half-dozen of these storage box units as Christmas gifts:

Apparently the boxes come in a handful of very slightly different colors.

How do you keep your cards organized?
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  1. Jaybo374's Avatar
    I have my study - part office/part library/part display room. It's usually organized not because I am particularly tidy but because if I can't find a specific document/card/book when I need to I've been known to tear up a room searching for it and making it a total wreck for weeks on end.

    Thanks for the pix
  2. OnDeck's Avatar
    I have my office but I live alone perks of life but I am well organized.