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Happy Opening Day!

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Well, sort of, right? In case you weren't up at 4am this morning to watch the start of the 2014 MLB season live from Australia, Clayton Kershaw apparently brought a smile to the faces of Dodgers fans (and those who made him a first-round fantasy pick), leading the Dodgers over the D'backs, 3-1.

2008 Bowman Draft Gold BDP26 Clayton Kershaw

I don't really mind the season opening in Australia in fact, I applaud the league's efforts to promote the game internationally. I just wish I'd gotten to see it... and I'm impatient that it's another nine days before the BoSox open their season.

In case you are wondering, there are apparently (according to Wikipedia, so it must be true) seven active Australian major-leaguers (and three of them play for the Twins: Grant Balfour, Liam Hendriks, and Luke Hughes).

Anyway, while I doubt whether there are very many Australian-player collectors... it got me thinking about collectors who have "regional" collections i.e., they collect players who hail from [wherever]. I've dabbled a little in this area. I've been picking up some Mike Olt, pride of Branford (CT) High School (where my father was valedictorian many moons ago).

But I have gone all-in on "super collecting" Craig Breslow, who not only grew up in Connecticut (Trumbull) and went to college in Connecticut (Yale), he played an important role for my beloved 2013 Red Sox.

2013 Topps 32 Craig Breslow parallels

My Breslow have list can be found here.

Maybe I need to start picking up some George Springer, the Astros prospect who also grew up and went to college in CT (New Britain/UConn).

Who do you collect regionally?
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