I generally don't talk to myself, but...

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For this blog, I will make an exception.

This is my first blog post. If anyone reads this and would like to trade my team for your team, I can probably swing something.

After being on numerous trade sites and trying to run one of my own, I've noticed a few things...

1. Activity in the hobby seems to be cyclical and the harder you are in the harder you fall out.

2. Although the cards aren't massively over-produced like the early 90's, there are still plenty of people who, don't want base, must have every base card known to man, don't even think about sets, teams or other...

3. The hobby is/has become more expensive than ever.

Well, let me join the fray....

I am looking for Dallas Cowboy cards that I can :

1. Afford
2. Trade for (seems slim)
3. open n a cheap pack. lol

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  1. katester44's Avatar
    Have a small lot of Cowboys available - let me know if you have any interest. Thanks.

    Cowboys lot: Looking for $5.00 or reasonable offer (or trade at BV)
    Dallas Cowboys:
    1993 Upper Deck Future Heroes Troy Aikman #40
    1993 Upper Deck CL #431 Emmitt Smith
    1993 Topps #530 Troy Aikman
    2009 Topps Toppstown #TTT10 Tony Romo
    2010 Topps Gridiron Legends #GL-DM Tony Dorsett/LeSean McCoy
    2012 Topps QB Immortals #QI-RS Roger Staubach
    2012 Topps QB Immortals #QI-TA Troy Aikman
    2013 Topps 1000 Yard Club #35 Jason Witten
    2013 Topps 4000 Yard Club#3 Tony Romo
    2013 Topps Gridiron Legends #GL-ES Emmitt Smith
    2013 Topps Gridiron Legends #GL-TA Troy Aikman
    2013 Topps Legends in the Making #LM-DW DeMarcus Ware