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I recently began a quest to obtain the three mís mantel, maris, mays from the 61 tops set. I recently found an estate auction that was listing various 61 card lots along with numerous sets and boxes and the journey began. I worked until 1am and the auction was 7am 2 hours away so I arrived home I could not sleep felt like a kid at Christmas going over my price guides and checking my notes for the sale finally the morning arrived I left the house at 445am arrived there fueled on mountain dew and snickers. I was able to view the lots and yes they were there the wait began counted my money at least 15 times and checked my list another 20. Of course 5 hours into the auction the sports cards finally came up. There was a gentleman and his grandson seated next to me all the kid kept talking about was the jeters lol. Finally my lot came up and a bidding I went, finally after what seemed like 30 minutes which was only about 5 I won my lot and a sigh of relieve I stayed for the remainder of the auction and came home with a lot of deals but what made my day was a unopened box of 93 topps series 1 which was going up next I bid and won this box. As I claimed and paid I turned to the grandfather and his grandson and handed him the box I told him good luck in searching for the jeterís they were able to purchase some of his minor cards throughout the auction but the grandfather was stunned and the kid looked like I handed him a bar of gold but it made their day but it also gave me a feeling that I canít explain it seemed for just one second of that time stood still. I was contacted through an email the kid found the jeter rookies in the box and that one random act made that kid and grandfathers auction something they will never forget. I just want to know what drives us as we are chasing the cards of our wants and haves to go 20ty plus hours without sleep and to finally obtain what we want and then find something completely different to pursue which currently are Baltimore orioles World Series winnerís team sets. And how a random act of kindness no matter how big or small can make a difference I was able to make two great friends out of this journey. Will try to keep you posted on the completion of the orioleís journey
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  1. kycardkid's Avatar
    Cool story. I personally started collecting when I was 6. Began trading online at 16. I am 31 now and my perspective on the hobby has changed a great deal. When I was 6, it was all about Griffey, Bo, And the Reds. When I was 16 it was all about the big hit. I am 31 now, and honestly, if cards were worth nothing tommorow I would still be collecting. I have also tried to focus more on how to get kids involved in our hobby. Let's be honest, without kids getting involved, our beloved hobby is going to go the way of stamp collecting. Kudos to you for doing that for that kid. You probably helped to create a lifelong collector, or at the very least a lifetime memory.
  2. KCLJ520's Avatar
    Cool story for sure, very kind and generous of you! A child and their grandparents.....such an important relationship, and that boy will always remember that day! This is what makes this hobby important, and everything else: Memories!

    God Bless,

    Kevin Mc