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2012 Topps Football Box Break

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Broke a box of 2012 Topps football. Here are the inserts that I pulled. All are for sale/trade. Will get a list of what I need to complete the base set up as soon as I can.

2012 Topps Football Inserts

Gold (#’d to 2012):
20 Andre Johnson
123 robert mathis
260 matt forte
284 derrick Johnson
285 dontari poe

Camoflague (#’d to 399)
437 cortland Finnegan

Black (#’d to 57)
185 lamichael james

Ring of Honor:
RH46-EM – eli manning

Prolific Playmakers (PP-xx):
Bm – Brandon marshall
Dmo denarius moore
Ds Darren sproles
Jpp Jason pierre paul
Lr Laurent robinson
Ml marshawn lynch
Mwi mike Williams
Sr Sidney rice
Tr trent Richardson
Wm willis mcgahee

Quarterback Immortals (QI-xx):
Je john elway
Jm joe Montana
Kw kurt warner
Ld len dawson
Ps phil simms
Rs roger staubach
Sj sonny jurgensen
Ta troy aikman
Tb terry bradshaw
Yat ya tittle

Paramount pairs (pa-xx):
Br Blackmon/Richardson
Ct colston/Thomas
Fj Fitzpatrick/Johnson
Lg luck/griffin
Lw Lloyd/welker
Rj rice/Jeffrey
Tg tannehill/gray

QB rookie reprints:
72 plunkett
75 fouts
80 simms
84 marino
98 p. maning
01 brees
01 vick
05 rodgers

Tall Boys:
30 gronk
53 sproles
57 polamalu
63 boldin
75 arian foster
89 lynch
93 alex smith
105 mendenhall
114 mcfadden
134 dez Bryant

Gametime giveaways – 10 unused codes
Kickoff redemption cards – 3 unused

The ‘Hits’
RC patch – Rueben randle (nyg) – # rp – rr
Prolific playmakers AU - #PPA-RT – Robert Turbin (sea)
Prolific playmakers AU - #PPA-AB – ahmad bradshaw (nyg)
QB Immortals Commertive Coin Card - #QMW-SY – Steve Young – Wins #’d 41/75
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  1. chieftazmisty's Avatar
    Hey Andy
    Let me know what you have in dupes on the base .Maybe we can work out a trade then, I have a thread started on what I have to trade from 2012 Topps Football
  2. 854Trav's Avatar
    I can use these and let me know what base you need. I have tons of dupes. I have a list if you would like to check yourself or I can.
    Prolific Playmakers (PP-xx):
    Ds Darren sproles

    Tall Boys:
    53 sproles
    57 polamalu
    93 alex smith
    114 mcfadden

    Gametime giveaways – 10 unused codes
  3. katester44's Avatar
    Gotcha both. Will let you know as soon as I am sorted/collated as to what I need.

    Could definitely use some Vikings inserts - Petersen and Harvin. Thanks.