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Nobody likes pulling a redemption card. But if you're like me, you submit the redemption and promptly forget all about it. Then, when the card shows up unexpectedly many months later, it's a sweet surprise.

This beauty showed up out of the clear blue today. It's an on-card Sandy Koufax AUTO #'d /100, on a Topps-Heritage-Chrome-esque treatment of his 1955 rookie card. (It's from 2014 Finest, I think.) A great-looking card.

Funny... I've never really cared for Topps Heritage, but I love, love, loves me some Topps Heritage Chrome. If you can hit any of my Heritage Chrome wants, I would be much obliged... they are among my highest priority wants: http://www.thebenchtrading.com/showt...ds-(2003-2015)

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  1. The Card Dude's Avatar
    Thats a sweet card indeed. Its kind of like getting back and autograph request you sent out six months ago and had forgotten all about.