ne of them days

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Did you ever have one of these days. Took a weeks vacation to build a deck off our back porch finally finished and one board out of the hundreds we used has about an inch space between that one and the next board right below our swing while building the deck my wife kept telling me the boards should be flush but i continued and finally finished the deck its about 35 feet by 20 feet and about 6 feet, from the ground to the deck a beautiful job i must say. Well lets get to the board i mentioned above i had some very good recent success form a buyer on ebay a henry urrutia auto letter patch card and 3 seperate oriole autos tillman, weiters, and hardy they took forever to arrive when they finally did i decided to open the package on the swing like a kid at christmas i ripped open the package and then the henry urrutia card falls out of the package seemed like time stood still and a 1 in 1000 shot right through the board with the 1 inch space and straight to the ground buried beneath our deck and yes the smart guy i am cut the access panel about 2 feet wide by 2 feet high and of course me being ever bit of 300 pounds at 6'1 was not to bright of an idea, as the card fell my wife got up off the swing gave me that look i have seen 3000 times i told you so and just walked away needless to say i was like a st bernard trying to fit though a poodles dog door getting through that access panel, Finally i was able to get our can grabber and attach it to a broom handle with a string attached to the can grabber trigger and retrieve the card needless to say there is a very nice rug covering that board space and no matter how nice of a day i will never open any packages or packs from the deck every again. Hope this makes somebodies day reading, thanks for reading
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    Ha nice one