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Summertime Adult Beverages

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Now that summer is officially here (I think) - I spend my time sitting on the deck sipping the occasional beer. And anytime I happen to go out for dinner, I always try to pick a beer I have never tried before. Always bottles..never drafts.

A couple of my current favorites:
Rogue - Dead Guy Ale
Kona - Longboard Island Lager

Obviously this isn't for those members under 21!! But if you have a favorite summertime libation, let me know, always looking for something new to try!
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  1. grapler135s's Avatar
    Not sure if you can get these where you are but...Ballast Point makes a few good beers...sculpins are my favorites. And Russian River Brewing Co makes a tasty beer called Pliny the Elder. I have known people to travel cross country for this one!
  2. jweech's Avatar
    I second the Ballast Point selection. Grapefruit Sculpin is a personal favorite. If you are into strong stouts, Mother Earth makes a beer called Sin Tax which has a peanut butter/maple syrup flavor. It comes in at 8% ABV but you wouldn't know it by taste. I think they are out of California. Rogue also makes a seasonal Imperial Stout in a can't miss big red bomber bottle. Pricey, for a bomber anyway, but also a really solid beer.
  3. Benski3's Avatar
    The South Jersey-Philly area has Flying Fish Ale. Pretty good when ice cold.
  4. Kirbyfan34's Avatar
    If you are ever in Wisconsin you need to have a New Glarus beer. They are only sold in the Badger State, but some favorites include Spotted Cow, Two Girls, and Naked. If you are looking at mixed drinks we accidentally made a new cocktail by doing two ounces of 99 bananas (Banana Liquer) and Master of Mixes Pina Colada mix...
  5. katester44's Avatar
    Lots of new brands to seek out, thank you for the suggestions. Haven't been out much this summer...

    tried Curious Traveller?? Lemon Shandy - awful. And also tried Kona Big Wave, not bad, but a little bitter for me compared to their Longboard, which might be my favorite sipping beer.
  6. katester44's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Benski3
    The South Jersey-Philly area has Flying Fish Ale. Pretty good when ice cold.

    Of all the suggestions, this is the only one I have heard of. Will seek it out actively the next time I am in Philly.