Chapel Thrill

The Triumphant Return

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Feels like forever since I have clicked on The Bench. Hopefully I will be back on full time again after the previous three months...

Election years are always stressful and busy for me (just the business I am in) - but presidential election years ramp it up exponentially. Add to that coaching my sons kid pitch baseball team and you have a recipe for ZERO free time (to wit - I still haven't sorted my Topps Series II baseball yet).

Work I could always do without, but getting to spend the time with my son is something I couldn't do without - long season, but I loved every minute of it. We had a super young (IE, inexperienced) team and they had a rough regular season going 1 - 7. But they turned it around in the playoffs, they finished second in their pod round robin, going 2-1 (humblebrag - my son got the W in both the team wins and went 4-6 with 5 walks over the three game weekend) and advanced to the knockout weekend as a wild card team. Unfortunately, the team left both their bats and gloves at home in the wild card weekend, wrapping up the season.

To all that are waiting for anything from me, I should be much more communicative going least until 2020. Thanks.
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