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Throwing this in the blog area rather than creating a thread - since it is nothing more than a personal rant.

The use of cell phones to text, call, or do anything with while you are driving has got to stop! It sickens me to see the number of drivers on a daily basis who have so little regard for everyone else on the road. Whatever you think is important, updating facebook, texting a friend, or calling a client is not nearly as important as the safety of all the other drivers on the road.

About 14 months ago my wife was rear-ended by a guy on a cell phone (he was also as high as a kite, but that is another rant for another day). And than last night I get an email from my dad that he slammed into a guy who ran a red light while using his phone. Fortunately both my dad and my wife are okay, but I know there are others out there that aren't as lucky.

Before you pick up that phone in the car - please, take a moment and think about all the lives you could change in an instant, including your own. And for what, to text someone - c u in a bit, or to like a facebook post? Just doesn't seem worth it to me.
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