New small Collection - 1968 Topps Yaz Triple Crown Leader Cards

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Oooooh - my first EVER blog !!!

So I decided to start a mini 3-4 card collection celebrating Carl Yastrzemski's 1967 Triple Crown.
I'm going to collect NICE (PSA 8 or better) copies of the three 1968 Topps Leader cards for Batting, HR, & RBI. I just purchased my first of the 3 cards a couple days ago pictured below. Really sharp card. I don't collect many graded cards and I was a bit unsure of SGC's reputation but I know they have been around awhile. So is the 92 rating really a PSA 8.5? How are they compared to BGS & PSA? I only paid $20 for this and would like to pay the same for the other two. If anyone sees one anywhere I'd appreciate a lead.

Thanks for reading !

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  1. Champs96ws's Avatar
    Very NICE! most people go with PSA on vintage, but each collector should go after what THE want. I just check completed auctions for similar cards to gauge the market at the time I'm looking to buy. $20 sounds fair. Good luck on the pursuit and remember to use The Bench ebay links
  2. scottzoe's Avatar
    That looks great. I really like the SGC holders for the vintage. $20 sounds like a fair price for those, good luck!
  3. JohnHenrysDad's Avatar
    I just purchased the second card in the Triple Crown collection
    A very nice PSA9(OC) 1968 Topps Batting Leaders

    Here's the first:

    Only the Home Run Leaders card to go!