Are cattle farming and dairy farming same

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share: Who were the enlightenment thinkers?
John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Isaac Newton were three important Enlightenment thinkers. Others include David Hume, Francis Bacon, and Rene Descartes. Read More

The several benefits of cattle farming and they include; 1. Cattle farming increases the overall income of the farmers and raise their standard of living. 2. Animal wastes can be used for enriching soil. 3. It provides employment to a large number of people 4. Milch Cattle are used for the production of milk. 5. Draught cattle are used for labour connected with agriculture like tilling, irrigation and carting.

share: The impacts of modern farming in Fiji?
The farmers have upgraded from traditional farming methods using hand tools to modern mechanization. This has led to an increase in food production and improved food security. Farmers also enjoy better export returns from their crops. Read More

share: Are cattle farming and dairy farming same?
Not really. Cattle farming is more of a general term encompassing both beef and dairy. Dairy farming is telling us something more specific, such as the fact that cows are being raised for the purpose of getting milk from them to be sold to retailers that distribute them to human families. Though dairy farming does involve raising and breeding cattle and can be termed "cattle farming," the proper term for raising dairy animals for the... Read More

share: Explain the difference between primary secondary and tertiary economic activities?
primary economic activity is when you take or use natural resources directly from the earth.for example:mining, logging, drilling for oil, fishing, and farming. Secondary economic activity is when you use raw materials to produce something new. for example: John Morells, Carpenter Read More

share: Who is Texas John?
John Horton Slaughter is the real name of Texas John who was born in Louisiana on October 2, 1841. He was still a baby when his family decided to move in Texas . John's family was known at Texas for their huge cattle ranches and that's how he got his nickname ‚??Texas John‚??. Read More

share: What are some farming landmarks in Egypt?
Farming does not produce landmarks. I am unaware of any landmarks in Egypt celebrating farmers or farming or created due to farming. Read More

Why is cattle important to Arizona's economy?
Cattle ranching is important to Arizona's economy because many places in Arizona are not fit for farming. Arizona is a desert state in the southwestern United States. In most areas there are probably more cattle than people. Read More

share: Difference between modern methods of agriculture and old methods of agriculture?
In traditional methods of farming, simple tools are used, whereas in modern farming large machinery is activated. There are large investments involved in modern farming. Modern farming has a great advantage because it increases yield and does not cause any harm to soil. Read More

share: What is the Australian conversion of American mens jeans sizes?
Sizes do not differ between Australia and the United States. Men's jean sizes are not standardized across the globe. The only region that maintains a standard size across brands is Europe. Read More

share: adi sucipto What kind of farming is more important and why?
There is no one kind or type of farming that is more important than the other, no matter how you look at it or what your beliefs may be. Everything in your everyday life cannot be without any of those various kinds of farming that exist, no matter if it's grain farming or cattle ranching. Read More

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Jean Nouvel was born on August 12, 1945 in Fumel, France. Nouvel is famous for being an architect. His creations include the Arab World Institute and the Guthrie Theater. Read More

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Analytic cubism was pioneered by include Pablo Picasso, and Georges Braque. Some popular artists include Jean Metzinger, Albert Gleizes, Robert Delaunay, Henri Le Fauconnier, Fernand Leger and Juan Gris. Read More

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Famous movies directed by Jean Luc Goddard include Breathless, Forever Mozart, Made in America, Carmen, The Little Soldier, Band of Outsiders and Alphaville. Read More

share: How many cattle were in a cattle drive?
Historically, as in the late 1800's, there would be at least a few hundred to a few thousand cattle from several ranches in an area that would be driven a cattle drive to the stockyards in order to be sold. Read More

share: What types of livestock on dairy farming?
In addition to what I mentioned below, cattle are the main species used in dairy production. Holsteins (and the breed varieties and names, including Red and White Holsteins) make up 95% of the global dairy herd, followed by Jerseys and Brown Swiss. Other dairy breeds of lesser popularity include Canadienne, Dutch Belted, Illawarra, Montbeliarde, Fleckvieh, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorn, Irish Moiled, Meuse Rhine Issel, Kerry, Milking Devon, Norwegian Red, Normandy, Sahiwal, and Lineback. Dairy goats... Read More