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Seems I've always had jobs that required me to work over the weekend. Never bothered me much until I had my son, now I feel like I'm missing out on too much stuff. Between all the day trips, birthday parties and fun stuff it all falls on the weekend, so does my work schedule too. On the other hand I do get a lot of week nights free where I can pick him up from day care and get the whole night with him, which is good one on one time with him. Maybe it's better that way because I get more quality time instead of having to put up with the hassle of chasing him around at different events?

This weekend we are hosting a Fisher Price toy party at our house. My wife signed up for some site where you can apply for hosting parties and it's been pretty cool. This time though FP hooked us up, the box they sent us thru UPS weighed in at 60 lbs! They sent us this huge castle play set and many individual knight figures as well--also included a huge dragon and ogre figure to go along with the set. They also sent us a huge car carrying truck that included two cars and 6 more car sets to go along with it. Then there are coupons and DVD's as well to hand out to the parents. We sent out invites to his daycare friends and anyone else that had a boy in the age range that we know--so far only 2 people are showing up. Looks like we will be able to save a bunch of the extra toys for either Magnus' birthday in Nov or for Christmas.
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  1. timfsu2k's Avatar
    Dang! They send you that stuff for free or did she have to pay to get into the group? Either way it sounds pretty cool. I hear you on the weekend stuff, I especially hate working weekend night shifts.
  2. Meliah's Avatar
    Totally free Tim! They have a ton of things you can sign up for but you only get selected for the ones you qualify for I guess--kind of like a survey site in terms of selection if you know what I mean. I can get the link from my wife if you want to check it out.

    We had one before for potty training from a diaper company. They sent us free pull-ups, training videos, door hangers saying "Potty training In Progress" and a bunch of coupons. We were treated like royalty at day care for a month