The PSA Goudey Adventure

1933 Goudey #233 has rolled in

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This one arrived in todays mail. 1933 Goudey #233 Johnny Vergez in PSA 1

Mr Vergez had a 6 year career mostly with the N.Y Giants from 1931-36 as a third baseman. Check out his career STATS.

This bring the 1933 set to 15 cards
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  1. mj23bullsfan's Avatar
    pete, i can't believe that card is graded a 1! it looks alot better, but maybe i'm not seeing something on the back?
    and it doesn't look like there are any creases.

    for as old as it is, and from what i see from the scan, it looks at least one grade, if not two, above the 1 it was given.

  2. Meliah's Avatar
    Was going to say the same thing Paul--what the heck is making this card a PSA 1? Someone there have a grudge against the guy?
  3. Champs96ws's Avatar
    The back looks just as good as the front. The issue is two surface creases that are hard to see even in person. One goes across his chest and the other goes from his foot to his hip. But like I said even with the card in hand, I have to hold it in the right position with good lighting to see the creases.