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Top 10 blue refractors I own

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Went through and came up with a top 10 list to start things off.

10. Freddie Freeman 2011 Topps Chrome auto - blue sharpie auto on a blue refractor = RC auto nirvana

9. Josh Hamilton 2010 Bowman Chrome - sometimes a great action shot is hard to come by, but not in 2010 Bowman Chrome

8. Eric Hosmer 2011 Topps Chrome - looks nice with that Royals royal blue, doesn't it?

7. Trevor Bauer 2012 Topps Chrome auto - newest addition to my collection

6. John Axford 2010 Bowman Chrome Draft - IP auto!

5. Rickie Weeks 2011 Bowman Chrome - part of my first true rainbow collection

4. Mike Trout 2011 Bowman Chrome - my favorite Trout RC, blue-refractor style!

3. Justin Verlander 2010 Topps Chrome CC25 Chicle - quite possibly my favorite card photo/sketch/design of all time (nice work, Jason Davies!)

2. Tim Lincecum 2007 Bowman Chrome - took about 4 years to get this one

1. Jason Heyward 2010 Bowman auto - probably not a coincidence that this is also the most I have ever spent on a card; at least my later copies have come cheaper
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  1. Meliah's Avatar
    Some sweet cards there. I would've moved Axford down that list if it was me
  2. worldwideed's Avatar
    Is the Verlander a chrome'd sketch card? I did not know these existed, I may have to get one in hand to see what they look like.
  3. dp33's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments! I didn't realize you could actually make comments, so I'll have to go back now and reread some of the blog entries.

    I suppose all things considered, I would probably save my Axford above all others, so maybe it's more in order of visual appeal than actual sentimental value.

    It's the Chicle subset that came in 2010 Topps Chrome. So there is a non-chrome version of it in the 2010 Chicle set, and then he was one of (50?) that made it in the Topps Chrome subset. So it's a sketch card in the sense that Jason Davies sketched it for the Topps set. But it is not a 1/1 at all, if that's what you're asking. There's #d/999, ref #d/499, blue #d/199, gold #d/50, and red #d/25 versions of it as well.