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Frankenblog #3

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I must say that working at a hotel is a pretty easy job. Once I learned the computer system and how to tweak things it's been pretty much easy sailing. Once the "rush" dies down I have ample computer time (though many sites are blocked and my wife's laptop is butt slow), time to do homework or just sit behind the desk and watch TV. The boss understands I have free time like this and even told me to go ahead and do these things when it's slow! Get some real characters in here on the weekends but nobody ever really gives me that much trouble. So much nicer than my last job, and much better pay as well
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  1. worldwideed's Avatar
    Gotta, like that. I create my own, "down time", also known as when no one else is around.
  2. thedarkbrown's Avatar
    I find that I have to "pace" myself at work. I do so much that I have more than enough for my review after only a few months of going to work. If I don't pace myself, I get nothing in return for everything that I do i.e. raise, and it would also raise everybody elses expectations. I am invloved with many different things at work so it's easy for me to have an overabundance of work.