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Was digging around the mess of my basement/card room and came across a book I had picked up at a thrift shop years ago and never got around to reading. The book was "3 Nights in August" by Buzz Bissinger and I highly suggest any baseball fan pick this one up if you have not read it already! Basically you get to crawl into the mind of a MLB manager(La Russa) for a three game series against the Cubs. I was never much of a La Russa fan--remember I'm a Cubs fan and he has been the manager of the White Sox and Cardinals-- but I gained a lot of respect for the man with allowing total access to himself and the Cardinals for this book. Tony was very open and forthcoming and I really learned a lot from this book about baseball and managing.
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  1. JJLevitsky's Avatar
    Just added it to my wish list on my nook. Sounds VERY interesting.