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Aaron's Wantlist

This is my complete wantlist:

2011 Bowman Draft Gold-BDPP 37 Martini

2008 Bowman Draft:
Chrome Ref-BDPP33 Peterson
Blue #/399- BDPP 15 Vasquez, BDPP 33 Peterson, BDPP 96 Anderson
Xfractor #/199- BDPP 19 Ferrara, BDPP 33 Peterson

2011 Bowman:

Int Base-122 Holliday
BCP Purple-49
BP Purple-75
Green BP #/450-40-66
Blue #/500-6 Pujols
BCP Blue #/250-40-49

2010 Topps Update Gold Cardinals-259 Molina-263 Winn

2010 Bowman Draft :
Cardinal teamset needs:
Chrome BDPP Ref-26 Jenkins
Blue BDP #/399-26 Ottavino,93 Craig
Blue BDPP #/399-1.26.44
Chrome Purple BDPP-22-26-44-48
Chrome Gold #/50-BDP18 Jay, 39 Salas, 47 Anderson

2003 UD Vintage-176 Estes-any 3d cards from 250 to 277

2009 Topps Chrome Xfractors-86 Pujols

2008 Bowman Blue #/500-154 Glaus, 160 Pujols, BP65 Barton, BP106 Martinez

2008 Bowman Chrome:
Ref #/500-BCP157 DeLaCruz
Xfractor #/275-BCP91 Danielson, BCP106 Martinez, BCP157 DeLaCruz, BCP191 Jay, BCP231 Hill

2009 Bowman Chrome Refractors #/599-BP15 Adam Riefer,BP38 David Freese

2005 Fleer Tradition Club 300 #9 Don Sutton

2008 Topps Chrome Cardinals:
Copper-165 Carpenter
Blue-170 Molina, 204 Washington, 215 McClellan
Xfractors-131 Pujols,170 Molina,204 Washington, 215 McClellan

2008 Bowman Cardinal Refractors:
Blue-154 Glaus, 160 Pujols
BCP Ref- 76 Walters

1994 Score Gold Stars- 24 Justice

I'm looking for these to complete a Master set:
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Splendid Splinters Dual GU #/99- Bonds/Sosa
2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters Knothole Gang Patch-Jeter, Bonds,Guerrero,Clemens,Maddux,Arod

08 UD Heroes Cardinal Parallels:
The following is what I need:
Light Blue #/49-124-156-160-162-163-178-184-200
Purple #/25-124-156-157-162-163-178-184-200

LMK, Aaron
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