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5 very tough Mariners today and bad return

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First the bad return: Andrew McCutchen. After reading a tweet this spring about how much he liked pull and seal envelopes and seeing some successes registered on the internets (GWB reference) I was very excited and immediately got a request in the mail, but alas it was not meant to be. It was returned from Pitt and in my SASE. I imagine he gave someone a few bucks to open his mail and return it for him before he left for the year. Unlike most people I have no problem and don't take it personal when someone doesn't return my mail, he may or may not have better things to do with his time, that is not my business and not for me to judge.

Now for the fun stuff all the below came from a purchase from someone on SCN. I DID NOT get the following for cheep nor did I overpay, I got a square deal based on what the market is bearing. I've paid up to $20 via private signings for players I need and I if I take the approach that these were just 5 different private signings I'm even coming out ahead.

Masao Kida

Like many of the harder to get autos this guy did not have a very lengthy career, despite playing in 5 different seasons he only played in 27 games after his rookie year. I can't honestly say that I remember him playing for the Ms, he logged just 11.2 innings for the team over two seasons. The other issue with foreign born players is that they usually go back to their native land after their career and become virutally inpossible to get such is the case here. Kida still plays professionally in Japan for the Fighters. According to SCN he did sign some while he played in the states, if only I had started my collection about 2 years sooner I might have been able to get this one myself.

Rich Hinton

Like too many others Hinton landed in Seattle at the end of his career after he had outlived his usefulness as Major League player. He was traded to the Ms by the White Sox for origional Mariner Juan Bernhardt, who never would take the field for the Pale Hose. Hinton threw just 20 innings for the 79 Mariners, and was marginal at best. Hinton currently has a construction business and I was actually able to get email contact with him about a year ago through his web site. I asked if I could send a autograph request and he sure "sure send one in", I even verified the address. My request was never fulfilled, oh well, this one will do just fine too.

Enrique Romo

Another perfect storm for the autograph hound, foreign born, didn't play all that long, and played before the autograph boom. Romo was an original Mariner and was easily the best pitcher on that '77 team.

Rafael Vasquez

I should have saved my perfect storm comment for Vasquez, he played just 16 innings in his entire career for the 79 Mariners, it's practically a miracle there is even a card of him given that his minor league career wasn't all that spectacular either. This auto is almost impossible to get so I'm very happy to add it.

Reggie Walton

Looks like Reggie Walton signed for someone on SCN in 2011 for $5 but I've never been able to get an address for him.


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    Congrats! The Romo is beautiful.