Storage auction, antique show

  1. The Quarter Box
    The Quarter Box
    I attended my first storage auction today. A very interesting experience. Everything from empty boxes (folded--went for $2), to stuffed deer heads and assorted antlers. I did bid on three units but didn't win any. I stayed conservative with my bids, Two hoping I'd get it cheap, and one I refused to get into a bidding war (not sure how much higher the other guy was willing to go, I could have bid twice more perhaps). It was a good time and I will go back to others. Better to get a feel for it than to jump in cash first.

    Besides, I wanted to keep some cash on hand for tomorrow. The antique show in Atlantic City is one of my (and my wife's) favorite past times. Sometimes I find some good deals, some times not, but it's always fun to explore and learn. Any of you treasure hunters going to be in AC this weekend?

  2. thedarkbrown
    Let's just say that your 1st storage auction went a lot better than mine! I think my first was in 2007, and without getting into too many details, as there are a lot of them, I ended up paying over $200 for the privilege of cleaning out the unit and taking it all to the dump! lol
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