Some nice pick-ups today 10/13

  1. The Quarter Box
    The Quarter Box
    Small lot of NASCAR items--cards, autographs, stickers and more--all for $2.00

    Assorted lot of baseball cards for $5.00. I could have passed on this, but the few I thumbed through made it worth a shot. Didn't find anything outstanding, but got my value from it.

    Best of the day--1985 Donruss complete set, $5.00. Didn't check it there, just took the chance. Got home and did a quick check before heading to work and both Puckett and Clemens were there and in at least NM condition. Sweet!

    Lot of 14 Little Golden Book and similar book & record from the '70's including Star Wars, Davy Crockett, Charlie Brown, and many Disney titles. $5.00 for the lot.

    A Lampl pin--remember Pearl Harbor. Off condition and missing the pearl, but at only $5.00, I couldn't pass it up.

    A few other items here and there. Weather was warmer than expected, and in all, a very pleasant day. I'll try to get some photos up tomorrow.

  2. mintman2
    Never have been able to figure out which little golden books are the good ones.

    My pickups today were a stack of about 25 lp's (kiss, george carlin, zeppelin, hendrix, etc) for $5 and a lawn mower for $20. I'll get $65-75 for the mower but it'll have to wait until next spring. Lawn mowers and air conditioners are tough sells this time of year !
  3. The Quarter Box
    The Quarter Box
    Been having computer issues and haven't been able to get pics up. Think I have it solved and will try to get them up this weekend.

    That's a great deal on those LP's! Seldom do I find them less than a buck each, and then more than half are musty, moldy or just plain abused. I've had nice success selling them, when I do get them, at $5-15 each.
  4. mj23bullsfan
    you both sound like you did very well! nice pick ups on the complete donruss '85 and the lp's

  5. The Quarter Box
    The Quarter Box
    Added scan of the Clemens and Puckett RC's.
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