This group was born in the chat room...

  1. mj23bullsfan
    I was in chat tuesday night and i started talking about my fantasy team and how my kicker didn't score a single point for me. probably due to the team getting whooped 34-0. so now you know, my kicker is lawrence tynes, lol. anyway, so if he kicks just 1 field goal, i win my matchup and finish first seed for playoffs. now i'm second seed, which still isn't bad, but hey, i was doin great, i wanted it all, lol.

    ok, so long story short, i was in chat and me and andy (katester) were talkin about the above and he says "we should start a group for fantasy whiners", i said cool, maybe i will. so here we are, our very own fantasy whining group

    enjoy, and let the steam out!!!

  2. katester44
    Another great feature of the "new" Bench! the group! Anyone who has participated in fantasy sports has the "bad beat" story...just like poker players. This is the place to vent amongst others that have been wronged by the fantasy gods.
  3. mj23bullsfan
    so i've been lucky with my fantasy league, i was on a nice run of 9 wins in a row, as stated above. i won my first round matchup in the playoffs, now it's championship game

    only thing i'm worried about is my runningbacks. i just don't have the power there. i sure hope my receivers and defense hold the fort down, and my quarterback at least doubles the projected points they have him at. and that dang kicker, lol, if he doesn't score this weekend for me, i'm definately dropping him, hahahaha
  4. mj23bullsfan
    i've got threads going for both nascar and golf fantasy leagues, and only 2 entries besides myself

    noone enjoys competition anymore? it's all for fun and bragging rights and only takes a few minutes each week just to stay in and be competitive. heck, i pay attention to my teams and still get my butt kicked, lol.

    come on benchies, join in and start talkin some trash
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