Estate/Yard sales

  1. The Quarter Box
    The Quarter Box
    Whether I am able to make any or not, I keep an eye on this site to know what's happening in the area:

    I'm sure a lot use craigslist any more, but this site along with my local paper are my two best tools for finding sales.

    And even though the season is running short, I think I'm going to pass on any sales this weekend. Anyone hitting them this weekend?
  2. Ajax44
    I'm not a regular, every weekend-type of guy at this, because I know I'd spend more than I would pick/re-sell. I like the group idea and the pic of the tennis racquets. I actually have the one on the left, as well as photos of about half of my racquets (I love wooden tennis racquets for some reason) on my photobucket at:
  3. The Quarter Box
    The Quarter Box
    I also have a third racquet. An ABC Wide World of Sports racquet I picked up at a thrift store for $2.00. It was the first one I got, the other two coming from different yard sales. Never played the game myself (outside of swinging at a few balls once or twice), but did watch tennis as a kid. Never intended to start a collection (if you want to call three a collection) of them. I've seen others that I've passed on because of price. But if I continue to find them for $2 or less, I'll keep picking. Don't think I'll ever accumulate a collection such as yours, though. Did you pick up many as a lot, or have you pieced it together one at a time? Either way, quite impressive. If there is a particular racquet you are looking for, I can keep my eyes peeled for you.

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